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Squeeze Page: – Squeeze pages are built for one and only one purpose which is to collect customer all contact information for future Internet marketing efforts.
Squeeze page is much different than the landing page. The approach used in
Squeeze page is much direct and focused. The content placed on the squeeze
pages are much brief, simple, and easy to understand and never made to distract
user. When a used come at Squeeze page, it is written very clear for the user
why user is here, why it is useful for the user to put all their contact
information. There are some kinds of freebies and giveaways on the Squeeze page
help user to put all of it contact information. Squeeze pages helps to make a
huge list of users who are interested in the kind of products you are offering.
Both landing pages and Squeeze pages are the need of a successful
marketing campaign. There are mainly four kinds of squeeze pages
-1.) Long Copy Squeeze Pages

2.) Short Copy Squeeze Pages

3.) Video Squeeze Pages

4.) Audio Squeeze Pages

Facts and benefits of Squeeze page: – As we know Squeeze page also help to
make a successful marketing campaign. We have      some use and
facts of Squeeze  pages are well:-

1.) Build an Email List of Targeted Leads

2.) Builds a Marketing Platform

3) Builds Open Channels of Communication

4.) Build a Relationship with Your Customers

5.) Builds Multiple Streams of Income

Squeeze and landing pages differences

As we’ve come back to grasp that the squeeze page differs considerably from
landing pages in so far because the roles they play on-line. On-line
entrepreneurs have a requirement to draw in customers once selling on the web
and each these pages just do that however their similarities stop right there.
Squeeze pages area unit accustomed build a listing whereas landing pages serve
additional as Associate in Nursing introduction to a product that has
nevertheless to be shown to the positioning visitant. In either
case both landing pages and squeeze pages play a crucial role for
anyone trying to grow their client base or financial gain online!

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